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Since our Flange production begun in 1974, we've held various quality certificates based on our excellent technology and more on, we've provided domestic and foreign projects including "Petrochemistry plant for industrial facility", "Oceanic development project", "Cogeneration Plant Facility", "Atomic Construction", "Tower Project", "Fresh-Water Facility" and "LNG / LPG Line" upon our unchallenged acknowledgement on quality of flange products.

Especially, our forging production line possesses 12,500ton, 6,300ton, 4,000ton, 2,500ton Forging press, 6ton, 3ton, 1.5ton Air drop hammer, 3,000¢ Ring roll mill and heating treatment facility, which could produce from small to large flange with its variety kinds of manufacturing process system while we make great efforts to meet all the requirements of our customers on our products with strict quality control management.